Nathaniel Holcomb - Campaign Manager 


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Patricia Ann Rooney, the Chairman of Bill Conway’s State’s Attorney campaign is $68,024.52 delinquent in paying property taxes on her home residence, according to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office. Her home has been placed on the list of properties to be put up for sale to delinquent tax buyers. 

Ms. Rooney is listed on the Illinois State Board of Elections website as the Chairman of Friends of Bill Conway.

The address listed on the Board of Elections website is 1520 N. Astor St., Chicago. The real estate PIN number associated with her address is 17-03-100-016-0000.

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During this campaign, I have promised that as state’s attorney I will hold people accountable whether they are accused of carjacking or even if they cross the legal line in a civil matter. That accountability begins now. 


Today, I’m holding Bill Conway accountable for demonstrably false libelous mailings sent to voters in what appears to be an attempt to defame me and my record. 

Bill Conway promised a “new way”. Turns out the new way is the same as the old way.

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Declares Foxx ‘war on law enforcement’ must end 

Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Bob Fioretti proudly announced today his campaign is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7 and the Italian American Police Association.  

“I am very proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the brave men and women of law enforcement who willingly risk their lives every day to make us safer,” Fioretti said. Fioretti’s endorsement can be found at the website... read more


Fioretti Calls For Reform Of The Cook County Bail System


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- One of the candidates for Cook County state's attorney is calling on the Illinois Supreme Court to make further changes to the county's bail system.

Bob Fioretti said there are "dangerous flaws" in the system that has seen a dramatic reduction in the use of cash bond since late 2017.

During a press conference he held Sunday, Fioretti pointed to a Tribune investigation that found 431 more defendants released who then went on to commit violent crimes than were included in a review by Chief Judge Timothy Evans... read more

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Fioretti Calls On Kim Foxx To Resign Over New Jussie Smollett indictment

Smollett case corruption ‘the tip of the iceberg’ of problems in her office

Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Bob Fioretti called for the resignation of incumbent Kim Foxx after Special Prosecutor Dan Webb re-indicted Jussie Smollett on six new charges Tuesday. He said it is time to restore trust and integrity to the office.


Foxx’s office originally charged the former Empire Star with sixteen felony counts for allegedly faking a hate crime. A few short weeks  later, Foxx’s office dropped all sixteen charges without getting a guilty plea from Smollett. Foxx announced she would recuse herself from the case, but did not... read more


Fioretti Steps Up Challenge For Foxx's State's Attorney Seat

01/5/2020 - Nancy Harty - WBBM

Former Chicago Ald. Bob Fioretti is ramping up his challenge of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx's re-election campaign.

Fioretti is calling for the state's attorney to have her campaign chairwoman and treasurer resign after what he calls a "pattern of lawlessness and dishonesty."


The Democrat claimed cell phone video shows Nakia Gibson battered a man last week who was trying to serve her outside her Lansing home with a subpoena regarding another election case. 

Fioretti's campaign is challenging some of Foxx's 20,000 petition signatures claiming almost half are not valid and said Gibson lead that effort.

WBBM is waiting for a response from Foxx's campaign.

Fioretti is among three Democrats running against Foxx in the March 17 primary.  She also faces two Republican opponents. 

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Not only is it time for Kim Foxx to go, it is time for her Chairman/Treasurer to go.


Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Bob Fioretti today called on the Chairman/Treasurer of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s campaign to resign following the release of an explosive video showing her committing battery against a process server then attempting to flee the scene to evade service. Committing battery against a process server in Illinois is a Class 4 felony. The video can be seen at read more

Fioretti Calls For Special Prosecutor To Investigate Kim Foxx Petition Fraud

In new development, Foxx Chairman commits battery evades the law


Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Bob Fioretti called for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate the massive election fraud found on State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s nominating petitions. 


“The Board of Elections ruled almost half of Kim Foxx’s filed signatures to be invalid, including thousands to be ‘not genuine’ which is code for ‘forged,’” Fioretti said. “It is obvious Kim Foxx can’t investigate herself, so it’s time for a second Special Prosecutor to investigate her.” read more

At Issue: Foxx Opponent Says Prosecutor Too Lenient On Shoplifters - WBBM 780

12/20/2019 - Craig Dellimore - WBBM

A candidate running to edge out Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx says her office isn’t doing enough to combat rising incidents of shoplifting.

Foxx said the largest number of prosecutions in the office before she took over was for retail theft but argues the priority should be violent crime. Democratic Challenger Bob Fioretti agrees violence is a big deal but says Foxx is not prosecuting shoplifting often enough... read more

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Faces Ballot Challenge From Rival Bob Fioretti - CBS Chicago


Facing three challengers in her bid for re-election, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx first will have to survive a challenge to her nominating petitions to stay on the ballot.

Foxx won the lottery to be listed first on the ballot in the race for state’s attorney on Monday, but the campaign for challenger Bob Fioretti, a former Chicago aldermen, filed an objection to her nominating petitions...

"Kim Foxx is Woefully Short on Petition Signatures"


Media Advisory

Fioretti To File Challenge to Foxx Petitions

December 9, 2019 For more information

For immediate release Contact Nathaniel Holcomb  773-383-2164


Cook County State’s Attorney candidate Bob Fioretti filed a challenge to the nominating petition of incumbent Kim Foxx. 


“Kim Foxx is woefully short of the number of signatures needed to be on the ballot in March,” Fioretti said. “The amount of fraud on the petitions put forth by Foxx and her corrupt political boss Toni Preckwinkle on behalf of the machine is appalling.”


Fioretti’s campaign filed nearly 10,000 more signatures than the Democratic machine submitted for Foxx and Circuit Court Clerk candidate Mike Cabonargi. “How far the machine has fallen when they can’t submit valid petitions to get their candidates on the ballot.”


Fioretti, a two term Alderman, is confident his challenge will be successful and Foxx will be removed from the ballot. “Since she took office, Kim Foxx has given the back of her hand to the law, whether it is the Smollet case, unilaterally ignoring an entire class of shoplifting felonies, and now the simple election requirements to get on the ballot for re-election.” 


“When all is said and done, a real investigation ought to take place to determine how a State’s Attorney could submit so many fraudulent petitions.”

Bob Fioretti enters race to oust beleaguered States Attorney Kim Foxx - Suburban Chicago


Robert “Bob” Fioretti announced Monday his candidacy to challenge controversy-plagued Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for the office in the March 17, 2020 Democratic Primary election. Foxx is best known for bending to political favors to drop charges in the Jussie Smollett hoax, embarrassing the Chicago Police Department (worse than Police Chief Eddie Johnson has done). Foxx has also declined to prosecute individuals involved in retail theft of major businesses whose crimes are under $1,000...

Fioretti announces candidacy for Cook County State's Attorney.


Former Independent Alderman Bob Fioretti announced his candidacy for Cook County State’s Attorney this morning declaring that incumbent Kim Foxx “is in way over her head” and that he is the only candidate in the race with the experience-governmental, private sector and political to make the changes necessary.


Fioretti touched on the Jussie Smollet scandal saying Foxx’s handling of the case “is reason enough to vote her out of office. She made Cook County the laughingstock of the world. But its only the tip of the iceberg.”


The long time civil rights attorney said the people of Cook County are less safe due to Foxx’s policies of “coddling of violent criminals, shoplifting felons, and campaign contributors show a jarring and unacceptable disrespect for victims, business owners, taxpayers and police officers who put their lives on the line to make us safer every single day.”


Fioretti noted that as Alderman he took a comprehensive approach to fighting crime in his ward. In addition to his strong support of law enforcement, Fioretti said he created more than 8,000 jobs and fought for good schools in every part of the city. He was also the loudest and most vocal critic against closing both the city’s mental health clinics and the more than 50 schools Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed at the same time.


Studies by former Alderman Dick Simpson and others have shown that Fioretti was the most independent Alderman during his time on the Council. Fioretti said he would conduct himself the same way as State’s Attorney “No phone call from anyone-no matter how important or powerful, and no campaign contribution will affect any decision I make.”


Fioretti said if elected he will restore “the dignity of the office” after Foxx's mishandling of the Smollet case.


More than 28,000 petition signatures will be filed on behalf of Fioretti’s campaign today. The primary election is March 17th, 2020.

We Can Undo The Daley Parking Meter Deal


When I’m Mayor, I will begin on day one a process that I believe will undo the Daley parking meter deal-the biggest man-made disasters to hit our city since the Chicago Fire.

The Daley family personally pocketed millions of dollars as a direct result of selling Chicago down the river for 75 years in the parking meter deal. This may not be criminal, but it is shameful and wrong.

Mayors Daley and Emanuel made the wrong choice and chose Wall Street. When I’m Mayor I’ll choose to fight for the taxpayers

An incredible night at Buddy Guy's Legends


Grateful beyond words for the support and friendship of Buddy Guy and Bobby Rush and the 300+ guests who came out last night. We all want the same thing, a mayor who works for the people of Chicago. Mancow Muller rocked it as MC.

Bill Daley - The Ed Burke 4


Bill Daley's biggest accomplishment is lining his own pockets. If you've seen one Daley, you've seen them all. If you're tired of the corruption, you're Ready For Fioretti.

Gery Chico - The Ed Burke 4


Because of his long list of lobbying clients, Gery Chico recused himself more than 500 times as President of the School Board. How can someone with so many conflicts of interest even be Mayor of the City of Chicago?

Susana Mendoza - The Ed Burke 4


If you like Ed Burke, you'll love his protege Susana Mendoza, who called Burke her "true champion." If you're tire of the corruption, you're Read For Fioretti.

Toni Preckwinckle - The Ed Burke 4


Once Soda Tax Queen now Queen of The Ed Burke 4, Toni Preckwinkle is a walking, talking scandal.

Are You Ready For Fioretti?


Watch our new commercial featuring "Are You Ready For Fioretti?" written and performed by Farley Williams (The King Jackmaster Funk). (Short) (Full)

Humbled by the support of Bobby Rush on 'Report To The People' 


I’m humbled and honored by the support of my dear friend, bluesman Bobby Rush, for Mayor of Chicago 2019. In January, Bobby and I met up with Geri Patterson of Report To The People at Buddy Guy's Legends. Watch the full interview. 

Chicago is Ready For Fioretti


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Watch our new commercial to see if you are Ready For Fioretti

Humbled by the support of Buddy Guy


I’m humbled and honored by the support of my long-time friend Grammy Award winning legend Buddy Guy. He is the epitome of what is great about Chicago. His story is Chicago’s story. Born to a sharecropper’s family and raised in Louisiana, Buddy Guy came to Chicago with little more than a dream and a work ethic, similar to many Chicagoans, including my immigrant father. He became a legend through hard work and amazing talent.  There is only one Buddy Guy, but when I’m Mayor, I’ll do my best to make Buddy Guy’s story one that embodies our city. In our Chicago, we treat everyone equally, regardless of who you are, where you came from, or what you look like. Using Buddy Guy as a beacon, we must give everyone a chance to achieve greatness and become a legend in their own way.

Appearance on WLS AM 890 with Mancow Mueller


This morning we discussed how to make a great city even greater. Mancow's first day back on the air in Chicago.  

Fioretti vows to de-politicize Streets & Sanitation


If you’d like to speak to Bob about this, please contact communication director James R. Anderson at 312-213-5716 or, OR Bob will be hanging around the lobby of 70 W. Madison St. from approx. 10:30-11 a.m., so you can find him there if you need him in person, no appointment necessary.

Appearance on WIND-AM radio with Amy Jacobson and Bruce Wolf - 560 AM The Answer


So much to discuss, so little time.

Mayoral candidate Fioretti proposes renaming Daley Plaza in pointed jab - Chicago Sun Times


Mayoral candidate and former alderman Bob Fioretti wants to focus on the real issues facing the city of Chicago.

Lets focus on the real issues


A live press conference at the Daley Center where I urge the other candidates and the media to focus on the real issues in Chicago-crime, education and the looming pension balloon payment.

Post interview discussion with Alex Maragos at NBC 5 Chicago Channel 5


Talking about how the City of Chicago has failed its residents and how I can make an already great city even greater with Alex Maragos on NBC Chicago Channel 5 this morning.

My interview with Alex Maragos of NBC Chicago


Watch my interview this morning with Alex Maragos on NBC Channel 5 as we discussed ways to make Chicago an even greater city.

My interview with Eddie Arruza on Chicago Tonight


Watch my interview on Chicago Tonight with Eddie Arruza last night. We discussed how to make the great city of Chicago even greater.

My interview with Craig Dellimore of WBBM News Radio


At Issue interview with Craig Dellimore of WBBM News Radio

My reaction the Mayor's pension proposal


My press release in reaction to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's solution to our pension obligations.

My Plan to fund our pension obligations


Today I outlined my plans to meet our pensions obligations without raising property taxes. 

More on the cover up of Toni Preckwinkle's government vehicle


Today I am calling for the Chief Judge of Cook County, Timothy Evans, to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Toni Preckwinkle and the cover up of her government vehicle directly being used for her campaign. 

Former Chicago Ald. Bob Fioretti officially enters mayor’s race - WGN Chicago


Former Chicago Ald. Bob Fioretti officially enters mayor’s race.

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